At Active Feet you don’t need to make an appointment. We do like to make sure everyone leaves with the perfect fit, so please allow 15-30 mins for the fitting process.

Footwear – Current running/walking/netball shoes. They all help us, help you.
Orthotic devices – If you have orthosis please bring them, this allows us to help get the perfect fit for you.
Referral – A referral is not required to be fitted with shoes. Though if you have one from your practitioner, please bring it along.
Clothing – We will be getting you to do some walking/running as part of your assessment. Dress appropriately if possible.

A referral is not required to be fitted with shoes.. Though if you have one from your practitioner, please bring it along.

We put our hand up and admit, not every time we may get it right. If you don’t feel the shoe is right for you, please bring it back into store and we will undertake a full assessment to find the best shoe for you.

Want to give the perfect gift? We offer gift cards to allow your friend or family member to come in and have their shoes specifically fitted.

Active Feet is a Podiatry based footwear store committed to finding the perfect shoe for you. Whether that be for work, exercise or day-to-day wear. We have options to suit the whole family.

We are really proud of the Active Feet team, which is led by our store managers Ally Duff & Brett Davis. All our team has undertaken podiatry based training to gain extensive knowledge in the fitting process for each individual client. As a team we take pride in providing all our clients with amazing client experience and keeping them active and reaching their goals.

Our main point of difference to other footwear stores is the knowledge our team has regarding the latest footwear, to provide comfortable yet fashionable options from the weekend warrior, busy Mum & the more complex cases. The selection of footwear we provide is carefully chosen by podiatrists who believe in the product.

Each team member at Active Feet has undertaken extra training with our in-store podiatrists and continues to have regular training on all things footwear, injury prevention and management. We are lucky to have in-store Podiatry services for anyone who needs more than a footwear assessment. Active Feet is a one-stop shop for the whole family.

  • Podiatry trained
  • Regular training with in store podiatrists
  • Customer service
  • Footwear assessment with every fitting
  • Podiatry approved, comfortable footwear
  • Wide range of exercise, work and casual shoes – Mens, Womens, Casual

We were really excited to open our Active Feet Ocean Grove store in August 2019. After the success of the Ocean Grove store, we are super excited to be providing our services to the Geelong community, with our Newtown store opened in March this year!

Everyday we spend hours of time on our feet, through work, sport and day to day activities. So often we have clients present with tired feet or legs and aren’t aware of the cumulative time spent in their shoes each day. Getting the right fit for you is extremely important. Everybody’s feet also function differently and therefore having a shoe fit specifically for you, can make a significant difference in reducing your risk of discomfort & injury and helping keep you active & get the most out of your days!

At Active Feet we can help find a shoe that is suitable for your needs. Whether that is for running your next marathon, walking the dog, working on hard surfaces all day or day-to-day wear. We undertake a podiatry based assessment, listening to each client’s history & goals. We undertake a video gait & footwear assessment with every customer who comes through the door, allowing us to find the best fit & function for you. With the wide range of shoes available we have something for everyone & endeavour to find the right shoe for you!

We have a great range of different types of footwear available. We can help you with your running, walking, football and netball shoes. Work and day-to-day shoes as well as school shoes and safety boots. We have a wide variety of Men’s, Women’s and Kids shoes on offer.

  • Ecco Footwear
  • Frankie4 Footwear
  • Hoka One One
  • Asics
  • Brooks
  • Saucony
  • New Balance
  • Mizuno
  • Ascent

Anyone is able to be fitted for shoes at Active Feet, with no appointment or referral required. The team at Active Feet work alongside health professionals including Podiatrists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers and gyms. If you are currently seeing a health care provider they may provide you with a referral to help guide the process, however, this isn’t always necessary.

Ocean Grove – 3/85 The Terrace, Ocean Grove (03) 5255 1612

Geelong – 89 West Fyans St, Newtown (03) 4245 1189

If you have any questions get in touch with us.

We look forward to helping you and the family keep active, healthy and happy!

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