Top signs it’s time to update your runners!

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There are a number of useful tips to think about when you are wondering whether it is time to update your footwear. The most common question we get asked here at Active Feet Ocean Grove is ‘How long does a pair of runners usually last?’. This is a great question but not one we can easily answer.

A few considerations are; how often you are wearing the same pair of shoes, how many kilometres you are walking/running a week in the shoes and the type of shoe you are wearing. Now, if you aren’t keeping track of your daily walking and running mileage we would recommend approximately 6-9mths before the cushioning and stability start to wear down and you should consider looking at updating your shoes.

A few ways to tell your shoes are coming to an end of their life is;

  1. Check the soles of your shoes. Look for any considerable wear patterns (i.e one side of the heel compared to the other) or thinner spots (usually under the forefoot). If you notice there are some uneven wear patterns, that is a good sign your due for some new shoes, ideally the wear patterns should be even, if they aren’t the team at Active Feet Ocean Grove will be able to get you into a pair of shoes that suits your foot and will wear evenly and therefore last longer. 

  1. Mileage. Tracking your mileage is a great way to keep on top of your footwear. You can do a rough estimate if your weekly routine is fairly similar each week or there is a great app called Strava. Strava is a GPS running app which allows you to record your walking and running distance. You can add your shoes to your account and it will automatically tally up the kilometres. Strava will also remind you once you’ve done a certain amount of kilometres to let you know it’s time to think about replacing your shoes. It is great to be able to replace your shoes before your feet get sore or an injury starts to occur. 


  1. Flexibility of your shoes. Another great way to tell your shoes are worn out is the flexibility of the shoes when you crunch the heel to toe and if you can twist the shoe (as if you are wringing out a wet towel). If these two things are very easy to do it means the structure of the shoe is no longer providing any stability, which results in all the little muscles in your foot to work in overdrive to keep you stable. 


  • How often are you wearing your runners? 

How often you are wearing your runners will play a big role in how long they will last. Running shoes are really designed to be worn for exercise. The lightweight cushioning is there to provide shock absorption and to support your foot whilst walking / running / jumping / skipping etc.. As podiatrists we recommend keeping your runners for exercise and then swap into your casual / work shoes for the day. This will allow time for the foam in your runners to return to its original soft, cushioned self ready for your exercise the next day. 

If you need to wear runners for your day-to-day activity or work it is a great idea to have 2 separate pairs (preferably different colours) so you can have your exercise runners and your day-to-day runners which also allows your exercise pair to get the rest they need. We strongly suggest that you try not to exercise in the same runners you have been wearing all day. 

If you have any questions or not sure if it’s time to update your shoes – please feel to give us a call on 5255 1612 or pop into the store. We would love to help!!

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