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Meet the Active Feet Ocean Grove All Star Team

Ally Duff

Area Manager
Meet Ally

About Ally

Ally is an all round super star (or at least we think so…)

Ally is passionate about helping people and you will be greeted with her warm, humble and caring nature in being able to get you fitted into the best shoe for what you need. Work shoes, walking shoes, running shoes, footy boots, netball shoes etc.

Ally has the following qualifications :

  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Deakin University)
  • Qualified Level One Triathlon coach

Ally’s passions (other than shoes) :

  • Running (loves the Surfcoast trails)
  • Going to the gym
  • Travelling to new places in Aus

If you would like to come in and see Ally please give us a call on (03) 5255 1612 or email ally@activefeetog.com.au or book an appointment with Ally online. She would love to help you!


Manager | Active Feet Ocean Grove
Meet Grace

What do you get up to outside of Active Feet?
I am currently studying a bachelor of International Relations at Deakin University. In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit through going to my local gym and running around Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads! I am also part of the Barwon Heads Womens Football team!

What core value means the most to you?
#wecare, because we really do care and it’s evident with how hard we work to find a solution for everyone who walks through our doors. Our team goes above and beyond, and are always happy to help.


Team Leader | Active Feet Ocean Grove
Meet Riley

What core value means the most to you?
#weareproactive – As a team we are here to help and provide solutions for clients through footwear to reduce significant load through the feet and lower limbs. We are proactive in going above and beyond in keeping up to date with current knowledge, seeking and giving feedback from referrers and learning from the brands themselves about the shoes we are fitting our customers.

What is it like to be an Ex Sports Science student working at Active Feet?
The ability to combine my studies with working at Active Feet has been very beneficial for both personal development and advancing in my degree. The ability to gain a deeper understanding on relevant musculoskeletal injuries and conditions through working with the (Pro Feet) team and local referrers has been very beneficial to understand the client’s needs, and allows us to go one step further in creating ‘wow’ experiences for customers. Being alongside fellow Ex Sport Science students at Active Feet has also aided in sharing knowledge learnt both through studies and at Active Feet, and build a relevant network which will be beneficial for both the near and distant future.