The benefits of two pairs of shoes!

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Most of us don’t have much difficulty when it comes to accumulating a cupboard full of shoes. But when we look closely, how many of those shoes do we actually wear in our daily rotation? The answer to that question should be at least two.


So why is it important to have at least two pairs of shoes that we can alternate for exercise and day-to-day wear?

Aside from giving the other shoes in our cupboard some air time, here are some other reasons why it is important to change up your shoes throughout the day.


  • Alternating between two pairs of shoes significantly reduces the wear and tear on our shoes meaning that you’ll get more longevity out of your shoes and less wear patterns forming, these can often lead to injuries or niggles due to the accumulation of load in an unnatural way. You will also get more longevity out of your shoes – win/win! 


  • Throughout the day our runners and shoes significantly compress through the outer sole, meaning that we receive less shock absorption and cushioning benefits. It is important that we allow the outer soles of our runners and shoes to de-compress between wears (usually takes 24 hours), so having two can be an easy way to achieve this.


  • Alternating between two pairs of shoes can help to build the strength of our intrinsic foot muscles by allowing our foot to have to adapt to different shoes. This intrinsic strength is important for strong feet and prevention of injuries such as plantar fasciitis.


  • Different activities that we do throughout the day may require different levels of support or design features in a shoe. For example, a shoe that we run in may need to provide more support and technology due to higher impact than those that we wear to the shops and for day-to-day activities. 


It is important that all our shoes, whether they be for sports, exercise or day-to-day wear, are fitted properly and provide us with the level of support that we require. 


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